My First Favorite Teacher

This month our H2L memory is “A Favorite Teacher”.  Gil shares the following, in hopes that you will be inspired to write down and/or record your own Heritage 2 Legacy moment.

My first favorite childhood teacher taught my siblings and me at the Patterson Heights Elementary School three walking blocks from our small, shingled Western PA home. She was a pleasant, poised educator named Mrs. Zububuler (I confess I still think that name sounds a little funny when pronounced although I should be the last to smile at someone’s name. During my entire life, not five people have known what to do with “Moegerle”).


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About The Author

Gil Moegerle

Gil Moegerle has served for 50 years in the communications field, working in broadcasting, public relations, marketing and teaching. He currently contributes to two educational websites for young parents – and In addition, he consults on organizational communications with nonprofits and churches. His passions include his five grandchildren and pursuing a 20-year dream, a family vineyard. For more information –